"scale_fill_discrete" Not Updating Plot Legend

Hello All,

I am trying to update my plot legend by entering,

scale_fill_discrete(name = "Sex", labels = c("Female", "Male"))

But the legend does not update. Complete code here:

fair_sex <- ggplot(data = Fair, mapping = aes(x = ym, y = nbaffairs, color = sex)) +
  geom_jitter() +
fair_sex <- fair_sex + labs(title = "Number of Affairs by Sex", x = "Number of Affairs", y = "Years Married")
fair_sex <- fair_sex + scale_fill_discrete(name ="Sex", labels c("Female", "Male"))

Any suggestions?

The legend is being made with the color aesthetic so you should change it with scale_color_discrete, I suppose.


When using color in aes, the according scale must be scale_color_discrete.
scale_fill_discrete must be used with the parameter fill in aes.

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thanks for the awesome information.

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