Scalability of a dockerized app deployed with ShinyProxy

Greetings all,

The wonderful blog by Peter Solymos taught me so much about deploying Shiny applications ( Most importantly, it taught me how to dockerize a Shiny application and deploy it on a server with ShinyProxy. From my undestanding, the attractiveness of ShinyProxy comes from the fact that it is open source and it enables concurrent usage of a deployed app (i.e. it automatically deploys a new container for new users) among other enterprise features. My questions today are about the app's scalability once it is deployed:

  1. Assuming the application is deployed on a 16GB server and that the memory used by the app's container is 4GB, am I only limited to 4 concurrent users of the app in theory?

  2. The answer to (1) may be "yes" and if it is, then I would like to know how very popular apps manage to get thousands of concurrent users? Are these apps hosted on servers which have hundreds of TB of RAM?

  3. I currently host a few apps on and I have had around 50 concurrent users with no real issue. How does have a limit on the time of usage of the app per month (i.e. active hours) and not the number of concurrent users? Is it because Posit has huge servers?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

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