Saving scenarios in R shiny app

I have to build a shiny application where when the user logs (as an example) he will see this app: Shiny - Tabsets

Now the user may want to save each combination of user inputs as one scenario. For eg: 1st scenario might be distribution type normal and the number of observation 100. 2nd Scenario might be distribution type uniform and number of observations 200. Now once the user saves the scenario and names them. When he logs back in he should be able to see the scenarios under a scenarios page. Does anyone have any suggestions/examples on what might the right approach? Would it be to use the bookmarking state and save that into a database and retrieve it based on the user logged in?

Why you don't just save input values along with the user id in a database, and then retrieve those values and do update"anycontrolyouwant"() with those values?

That was just an example I gave. Real scenario would have text box inputs provided by the users and the table which would be uploaded by the user.So for three scenarios the user may have three different user inputs but the same table uploaded or vice versa.

Although is not efficient, you can save files to a database and use the same approach or you can save the imported data to a new table in the database and link that to a scenarios table.

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