Saving (multiple) workspace(s)

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I realise this may be a bit of noobie question (in two parts). I have just run a script hat loaded in a lot of data with and then preformed all sorts processing, producing lots of heavily loaded objects.

1 If I close down and start back up again, will I still have all my objects, Dataframes etc. loaded and ready to access? I don't really want to run the script again as it took about 8 hours. I do want to investigate the objects and output etc.

  1. Could I save this workspace somewhere, open a new one to look at other stuff, then re-open the original workspace and carry on as before, without the massive 8 hour script run?

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If you have this options enabled in RStudio, then yes.

Yes, you can save your workspace as a .Rdata file with the save() or save.image() functions, but I suggest you to explicitly save each intermediate output as a single file with saveRDS().


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