Saving copies of projects in RCloud

I am returning to RStudio Cloud for teaching. I used it well for two years. I created projects and was able to have students open them and save their edits as Permanent Projects.

However, today I have been creating new projects and then looking at them as a 'viewer' . The button "Save as a Permanent Copy" seems to have gone. See image:


This thread says this may be because the project is "derived" Button "Save Permanent Copy" does not appear - yet I have run some test projects that are not derived, and I seem to be getting the same issue.

Hi @James_Curley,

Could you provide the url to one of the new projects with which you are seeing this behavior?


I believe this is one where I still see the same issue: thanks.

Hey @James_Curley ,

It turns out that a viewer cannot create projects in a space. It would have to be a contributor to be able to create a permanent copy. Please test with a contributor and let me know how it goes!


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