Saving changes in RStudio DevTools window


I wonder if there is a way to save some changes I've done to some elements via the DevTools window (the one that opens when right clicking on some text and clicking on Inspect Element).

I am making some trivial changes to customize the look and feel of some properties (that cannot be controlled via changes to the theme), but have to do them again every time I launch RStudio after quitting it.
Furthermore, while the changes immediately apply to all open tabs and any new tabs that I open in that session, I still need to do that for every other session (i.e. window) that I open, or that is already open --- that is, when I open RSudio DevTools from a particular session, any changes apply only for that session, and are lost once I'm leaving the session.

It would be great to be able to save changes and make them the default configuration for all new sessions.


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