Saving Bookmarked states on

I'm trying to save bookmarked states to the server using enableBookmarking(store="server") for an app currently deployed on Once deployed, I get this error when clicking on the bookmark button.

Error bookmarking state: This server is not configured for saving sessions to disk.

Has anyone encountered this before. The help page on bookmarking hasn't been updated in over 2 years and it says save to server is currently in development for Wondering if anyone can provide more information on this or help with a workaround to this?

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It seems that is does not work yet, from test from another use

It seems to still be in project

Because and share many back-end components, both platforms will benefit from the investments we're making. For example, we've implemented a persistent storage system for, which we hope to rollout to in the future (allowing for things like bookmark-able state, and other use-cases that require durable storage).

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Thanks for the info!

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