saving an r file

whenever i try to save my file it shows this dialogue box
if i click 'no' then the file doesn't get saved and if i click 'yes' it gets saved in a form when i cannot run any commands in the text editor.

What is the file name? Why do you want to save a R script as a not .R extension? Please mention full details.

i have more work to do on the r script which is why i want to save it as such. the file name is simply the date of the assignment - numbers and periods

It is suggesting that you use a .R extension on the file name and not just the date. Maybe something like 20220308.R instead of 20220308

If your file name looks like 2022.03.08 then it would be a problem because Windows will treat the last period as indication of file extension. Then the file you save will be in file format 08 rather than .R.

Manually adding .R in the end of the file name can solve the issue.

you were right !!
i removed the period in my file name and it got saved as an r script now
thank you !! :smiley:

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