saving a csv file from survey results on

I am trying to build a survey tool on my shinyapp, and as a user goes through and clicks their answers will be put into a csv and that csv file will update and save after each user.

Using this R blog as an example of how to set up the survey.

It works locally and saves results. I want to put it on my and have my department take the survey and save their answers. Problem is when I download the bundle the csv file hasn't updated.


Persistent file storage (which is what you need to do what you describe) works quite differently on than it does locally, because is designed to be able to scale to meet different usage levels. Some background reading that explains more:

These two articles discuss some of the approaches available if you need to save data changed/collected while using your app:


I was going to recommend a database backend for persistent data storage - Postgres is my personal favorite, but at the level of sophistication of the use case described all databases are created equal - but found all the arguments already neatly summarized in the excellent article by @daattali.
Thanks for sharing!