saveWidget function in an old script

I'm using an old R script (but essential) that depended on htmlwidgets. I've had it working before, but things appear to have changed. I get the following error. I'm guessing the saveWidget function changed places or function? where do I start to fix this? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Error in htmlwidgets::saveWidget(as.widget(gply), file = paste0(opt$output_filename, :
Saving a widget with selfcontained = TRUE requires pandoc. For details see:
No traceback available

It seems you don't have Pandoc available on your system. This saveWidget function has always required Pandoc, and requires it now for self_contained = TRUE which is the default.

You need to have Pandoc installed if you want to do that. It should be available if you are using RStudio. Otherwise, you need to install it.

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