Saved RProj file empty when re-opened

Hello I'm new to RStudio so this problem probably has a simple explanation. Yesterday I entered and ran a script which I then saved in an entirely normal way as a new project in a OneDrive folder. On returning to the project this morning, I opened the RProj file which yielded an entirely empty Console and empty other panels. Windows 10 running smoothly, no other complications. I've checked that the .RProj-user folder and related files are there and nothing seems amiss.

From Troubleshooting Guide: Using RStudio

Hello @FrankE ,
my way of working is creating a new project and afterwards copying the script(s) to files in the new project.
I assume that you did something similar. Did you also run the script in the new project? Do you see this in the History? Is it possible that you copied the script to the wrong folder?
I never work with OneDrive, so I can't help you with that.

Maybe another forum member has an idea about what could be wrong?

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