Saved ggplot2 images different across machines


[Apologies - no idea of how to make a reproducible example of this...]

On a couple of occasions when saving ggplot2 objects (using ggsave()), images have appeared different when viewed on different machines.

For example:

Screenshot, when viewed on my Mac, with macOS Mojave 10.14.6

Screenshot of same image, when viewed on my collaborator's Windows PC, with Windows 10

(You will notice that the geom_ribbon()s have disappeared.)

This has happened previously, also with geom_ribbons().

Very grateful for any hints as to what might be going wrong, or how to overcome.


Plots will tend to look marginally different between different OSs, e.g. I use Windows and Linux and regardless of settings I cannot get png output to match identically.

As regards the ribbon, I have no explanation except to check you are running the identical code. If so, also check for the same package versions (although nothing springs to mind in ggplot2 regarding geom_ribbon).

Thanks so much.

Apologies - just to clarify, this is an image that has been produced in RStudio on my machine, saved as .pdf using ggsave() then emailed to a colleague, who couldn't see the ribbons on their machine... so they are not running the code. Has happened on a few occasions now.

Ah, I should have read your issue more carefully.

The only thing that comes to mind is to use the cairo device:
ggsave(..., filename = "name.pdf", ..., device = cairo_pdf)

That's a pure guess though, but worth trying.

That is good suggestion - thanks! I will try this.

Would be interested to know whether others have encountered similar issue?

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