Save source code when R studio hangs

Hi RStudio Community!

So I'm wondering if it's possible to save source code changes (within a .R file) in the RStudio IDE after R hangs or is taking too long to complete a computation?

On rare occasions I have R hang or an analysis idea turns out to be too computationally costly and the IDE will no longer save changes to the source code once a computation has begun but not yet completed. In these cases, I lose my notes on what not to do, which are important to me.

Thanks and best!

When this is happening, and I think I'll be losing the code, I select all and then copy and paste it into something else ... usually Notepad ++ ... after you've restarted RStudio, you can paste the whole thing back and save it.

Yeah that's a great idea, and something I've done too when I continue to code while waiting for a computation to finish. I just wish that saving text files was available in RStudio after submitting source to R. It seems like this would be straightforward.

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