Save Data from Shiny App : Multiple users

Hi Team,

We have a working R shiny app which is being hosted from our internal org Amazon AWS server. Now, Users will generate data on that Shiny app using different widgets provided there.

Now, I need to save all the data generated in one session into a file(.csv) which is stored in our internal Amazon S3 bucket.

The other option that we could try is to get a Dynamo/RDS database and do the same operation.

The possible challenge that we are facing is how to save these info when multiple users could generate data using that Shiny App and then the data need to be saved and reloaded back to Shiny app further if needed.

We just can't lose any info even if two users simultaneously add data using the Shiny App.

Please guide what could be our best approach.

I follow the guideline provided here : but still want to know if that’s the best /only way possible.

Please do let me know .


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