"Save as Web Page" in the Viewer returns a blank page.

The following code using plotly produces a 3d paraboloid in the viewing window of Rstudio, which can be rotated with the cursor.

PROBLEM: "Save as Web Page" in the Viewer returns a blank page.
Any hints or help would be greatly appreciated!!!

p<-seq(from=-10, to=10, length.out = 30)
f <- function(p, q) { p^2 + q^2}
m <- outer(p, q, f)
plot_ly() %>% add_surface(x = ~p, y = ~q, z = ~m, opacity=5)

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"Save as Image" works fine however; here is a view. But I want to save the whole thing, so it
can be rotated by the viewer.Paraboloid

What version of RStudio do you have? The "Save as Web Page" button seems to work with the current stable release of RStudio (v1.2.1330) and plotly (v4.9.0).

You can also use htmlwidgets::saveWidget() to save an HTML file programmatically

Thanks very much for the comment: that encouraged me to look at the html file produced by
the htmlwidget command. The file looked ok. But it was showing up as a blank page on Firefox browser. So I tried Chrome, and it now works great!!!

Must be a problem with Firefox....

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