SARIMA Model with Poisson distribution

Hi All,

I am trying to predict actual call counts per hour for the upcoming months.

I am planning on using the SARIMA Model with Poisson distribution.

  • Will this calculate the actual call counts predicted per hour or the averages of the counts expected?
    -Is this model a good fit for capturing seasonality as well as something as specific as call counts per hour?
    -Can you please outline the steps I need to take in preparing the data for the model including how the raw data should be laid out before being fed into the model (how its presented in the excel file for example). Every step needed from preparing and reshaping, etc. Preferably in the programming language R.

I am close to completing my apprenticeship and on the final assignment. I am a little stuck with this to be honest and struggling to proceed forward so would largely appreciate any help offered.

Thank you ever so much.

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