SAML SSO for Rstudio server

How to enable Single Signon for RStudio Server? SAML/OpenID is fine. Need appropriate documents to enable the same.

Not looking at integrating with LDAP/AD. Can be PAM authentication with SAML/OpenID

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Are you using the open-source or the professional version?

The documentation for RSP lists the different ways you can authenticate. It sounds like proxied authentication might be the best solution for you.

For the open-source edition you are limited to PAM. I lknow that LDAP/AD can be integrated into PAM, but I have not seen something similar for SAML/OpenID. However, I have not searched for it either.

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Thanks for your response.

I'm using open-source version of RStudio.

You are limited to PAM as you are using the open-source version of RStudio Server. I have searched for a PAM module that would authenticate with SAML/OpenID, but did not find anything. I fear you either have to invest in the Pro version or into building your own solution.

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