Same data in different dropdown menu

Hai all,
I have to make two drop down lists from mtcars data as follows,
first list contains mpg,gear,carb,hp and second list remaining columns
this code is not serving the purpose

selectInput("show_vars1", 'Select parameter1', (mtcars$mpg,mtcars$gear,mtcars$carb,mtcars$hp), multiple=TRUE, selectize=TRUE),
selectInput("show_vars2", ''Select parameter2', names(mtcars), multiple=TRUE, selectize=TRUE)

Expected out as like this

Select parameter1:mpg,gear,carb,hp
Select parameter2: cyl,disp,drat,wt,qsec,vs,am

thanks for the help

If you want to get help here, I'd recommend making a very simple shiny app that defines the basic problem. You can read more about how to do that at

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