Running Shiny (daemon) as a service account


I was reading through the admin guide, for the run_as option (Shiny Server v1.5.17 Configuration Reference), and am trying to get the application itself to run under a single kerberos-based user instead of a system account (shiny, by default). This is on an Ubuntu Server install, and using the LGPL version of Shiny Server Open Source version.

Reading through the guide, I understand that general authentication behind kerberos (user login) doesn't appear to be supported - but that's not what I'm trying to do on this end. Instead, I'm hoping to have one user that's backed by kerberos the user that all the shiny content runs under.

The use case I'm trying to solve is with database credentials. I don't want to have the database user as a normal sql user (Microsoft SQL Server), and instead make use of the Trusted Connection option to pass the kerberos authentication token to the SQL Server. I do understand that the pro version could do this on a per user basis, per the documentation. But, I don't see any documentation either through google, this forum, or the documentation in regard to the Kerberos option.

I also already attempted the run_as to be user@domain, but it ended up running things as root. I also verified kerberos is setup properly, and the ability to log in and run other apps is possible under the service account.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

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