Running R code inline in RMD stopped working


We just upgraded our RStudio server from Open Source to Workbench and all users have a strange error when executing code in markdowns that we didn't have before the upgrade.

The problem occurs when we run code in a r chunk in a markdown and using the option "Chunk Output Inline". It just does not run the code all though it looks like it's running. It has the green indicators to the left margin and the red stop sign in the top right of the chunk but nothing happens:

Has anyone experienced this? Running with "Chunk Output Console" works fine, also knitting the markdown is not a problem.


My coworker emailed RStudio Support about this and they said it's a known bug, patch coming soon, but if you're totally roadblocked you can download the latest build from here: Spotted Wakerobin

Thanks! Installed the latest Workbench build now and it fixed it :slight_smile:

We'll also have a patched version (2022.02.1) of the stable build coming out soon with this fix. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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