Running is More Fun Together

I was going for a run after landing tonight and I realized that maybe people I was running near or past we're at the conference so why not try to find a morning where some of us could meet up before breakfast and go for a social run. Please post here if you are interested. All speeds and abilities welcome. Even if a mile is your furthest still reach out and we can still get some fresh air together!

Interested! Up for anything from 1 mile to 15 miles, casual pace.

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Nice! Ran into someone else who is in. Ill leave it up for another day and maybe we shoot for Friday morning?

I would be interested.

Friday morning works for me! I'm sure @thomas would be in too.

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How about tomorrow morning we do the 6.6 or so mile route out past the airport and back, casual pace? is 6 a good time, or 6:30?

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@dzafar - just wanted to make sure you see this thread.

That would be a fun run!

I did it this morning a bit early (left at like 5:45am) and when I got to the turnaround (which overlooks the bay and the city) the sun was just rising. A little later like 6 or 6:15 might be the perfect time from a view perspective!

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Either time works for me! Love a good sunrise. @thomas @dzafar ya'll have a preference?

6:30 ... But I might not make it the full 6 miles. #oldknees

Lets do 6:30 then. Totally happy to turnaround whenever. Dont need certain milage, more looking forward to just a social run.

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Will meet everyone in the lobby by the front desk tomorrow at 6:30. Look forward to meeting you all!