running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported

Hi, I started rstudio in my lubuntu 19.04 as user, and then I can't open a rscript file or create it.
So then I try to open rstudio as root, and I get the message:
running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported
This seems to have hapened to chrome in linux. So then I find out that if I run rstudio like this:
sudo rstudio --no-sandbox --user-data-dir
I can create rscript files normally and everything works fine (till now at least).
Is there a file I can edit that changes user/root permissions and solve this for once?

This should be fixed in the preview release.

Ok, so now I can open rstudio as sudo and it seems to function. But still, If I open it as user, it won't let me create script files. Haven't gone any further to see if anything else isn't working. But the sandbox message has vanished.
Could this have anything to do with the fact that there are only rstudio versions for ubuntu 18 available, and I'm using Lubuntu 19.04? In my Debian 9 I don't have this kind of problem. I installed as sudo, and open it as user, and everything is smooth.

A diagnostics report may be helpful. It's also be helpful to know exactly what error you're seeing when you attempt to open or create a file.

What if you try to do something like:


Does that successfully open a file?

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