Running a javascript library in RMarkdown - how to obtain variable?

Hello there!

I am currently trying to use the MSAL javascript library in a R markdown report to obtain an oauth token to authenticate a db connection in a code chunk. Currently my script is like this:

title: "Untitled"
    orientation: columns
    vertical_layout: fill

```{r setup, include=FALSE}

<script src=""></script>

async function wrapperFunc() {
  const msalConfig = {
    auth: {
      clientId: "XXX",
      authority: "XXX"

  const msalInstance = new msal.PublicClientApplication(msalConfig);

  const silentRequest = {
    scopes: ["XXX"]

  const callLogin = async function (silentRequest, msalInstance) {
    try {
      const loginResponse = await msalInstance.loginPopup(silentRequest);
      return loginResponse;
    } catch (err) {

  response = callLogin(silentRequest, msalInstance);
  return response;
wrapperFunc().then((result) => {

But I am getting this error below in the console when deploying to r studio connect. All I need at this stage is for the oauth token to be printed in the console (or ideally obtained as an R variable).

How do I obtain this oauth token?! Or at least load the msal library correctly?

Is this happening only on RStudio Connect ?
If so maybe some blocking from the url you are trying to reach (

Try setting this in a <head> using a include script to be in include header (7.10 Include the content of an existing HTML file (*) | R Markdown Cookbook)

Have you consider building a R HTML dependency for this ? Usually this is a way to package some JS lib and feature to be used in R within Shiny Apps or Rmd document
You can find some example on those type of things at Chapter 4 Handle HTML dependencies with {htmltools} | Outstanding User Interfaces with Shiny but also in the doc: Define an HTML dependency — htmlDependency • htmltools

I don't know more about msal, so here the issue seems to be your JS lib not loading. Try solve this and hoepfully the token will be retrieved

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