runGitHub from private repository


Is it possible to use shiny::runGitHub with a private repository? I know devtools::install_github supports a PAT. Anything like that for shiny runGitHub?

I am trying to address a client's need for security by providing the code in a repository to be run locally on their machine while allowing me to make changes to the code remotely. Any other suggestions would be welcome.


looking at the source code of shiny::runGithub, it seems it does not allow private repo download. Confirmed by this issue.

However, runGithub does this step:

  1. Create the url for then call runURL
  2. runUrl download the files for the repo in a temp directory (or destdir) then call runApp. runURL use utils::download.file (devtools::install_github uses httr :package:)
  3. runApp launch the shinyapps form the downloaded app folder.

you can easily create your own wrapper replacing the first to step using for example gh :package: or directly httr :package: to download the bundle from github using private PAT as authentification.

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