runApp() Error in ..stacktraceon..({ : No arguments!

In my current project I have the weird problem, that I cannot run shiny-apps in the ws/project directory anymore. Whether its ui/server or just the default app (as created by new) it gives me:

Error in ..stacktraceon..({ : No arguments!

If I run from a subfolder I don't have any problem but I cant do that as I need the renv environment and I have to run it on a shiny server which doesn't look in the subdirectories for shiny apps.

I am using the latest renv 12.5 # RStudio, tried with shiny 1.5 and 1.6 and R 3.8 and 4.0. Additionally I put the app on my shiny server which has different setup and it gives exactly the same error:

Error in ..stacktraceon..({ : No arguments!
Calls: runApp ... force -> lapply -> FUN -> eval -> eval -> ..stacktraceon..
Execution halted

Is someone having an idea? This error is really hard to debug/figure out. I thought it might be related to renv as this is the only consistent factor on my local machine and the server.

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