run t-test on my data

Anyone to help with analysis. I would like to know if the two datasets are statistically different or not
Area Recent Previous
1 A 1629.2 2627.2
2 B 5171.9 6759.7
3 C 29157.7 43021.5
4 D 16723.3 25762.5
5 E 25019.9 46898.5


df <- tibble::tribble(
        ~Area, ~Recent, ~Previous,
          "A",  1629.2,    2627.2,
          "B",  5171.9,    6759.7,
          "C", 29157.7,   43021.5,
          "D", 16723.3,   25762.5,
          "E", 25019.9,   46898.5

t.test(df$Recent, df$Previous, paired = TRUE)

Have a read on interpreting the results: t-Tests (

Note: edited following @FJCC's comment

Also, next time have a look at this in terms of reproducible examples

The column names of Recent and Previous makes me wonder if the paired argument should be set to TRUE.

t.test(df$Recent, df$Previous, paired = TRUE)
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