Run Rstudio on surface

I currently use Rstudio on SurfaceBook.
The OS used is Windows 10.
SurfaceBook has high screen resolution.
The character of Rstudio is very small and very inconvenient.
Applications like VisualStudio and GithubDesktop do not have this problem.

Can you solve this problem?

Have you tried "View" -> "Zoom In"? That increases the text size. I would expect it would be available as an option for you and may solve the "small text" issue.

As @cole says "View" -> "Zoom in" will fix it but it will not only increase the size of the text in the R-Studio panels like "File" and "Plots" and such, it will also increase the size of the fonts in the editor windows. So once you get the size text you want in the R-Studio panels go back and pick a smaller Editor Font size for the editing windows. You can do that in "Tools" -> "Global Options" -> Options


Thanks for the reply.

"view" -> "Zoom In" is used.
I can change the font size of the editor.

But for example "File" file list and
The character size of the package list of "Package" is very small.
I can not change it.

Is there a way to solve these problems?

One "Zoom in" won't make a noticeable change in the text size of the "File" panel. Keep using "Zoom in" over and over until the text in "File" panel is the size you want.

Then go back and change the font size for the text editor to the size you want.

Check the Display Settings to make sure that the following message does not appear.

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The overall experience with high DPI displays on Windows should be much improved in the daily builds of RStudio, as well:

These builds are still relatively unstable, but you might want to give them a try and see if the overall experience is better in your case.

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Thanks for the reply!

Dear kevinushey
RStudio daily builds is the best!
The high DPI font problem has been resolved.
Icon for flat design suits Windows!

The problem was solved. Thank you very much.

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Awesome; I'm glad to hear it! We're hard at work on the v1.2 release and hope to have preview builds ready in time for summer.

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