Run code stored in Tibble


I am new to R.

I have a list of R codes saved in an Excel sheet (Sheet1), cells F8:F100.
After extracting the code in F8:F100 into a tibble. I would like to run each of the code. How do I do so? Thank you


read_excel('C:/Users/Desktop/test.xlsm', sheet='Sheet1', range = 'F8:F100',col_names=FALSE)

Example of F8
out<-extract_tables('C:/Users/Desktop/file1.pdf', method='stream',output='csv',outdir='C:/Users/Desktop/folder')

Hi @Skye,

Would it be possible for you to share your Excel sheet with a link? Or provide some sort of data that looks like the sheet you have? This will make the process of helping you much easier.

tibble(code = c("print(1-3)",
                "print(2*3)")) %>%
  pull(code) %>%
  rlang::parse_exprs() %>%

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