Run a Quarto website within a Shiny Server

I created a Quarto website here that included links to several Shiny apps I had made and hosted on shinyapps io. I had been wanting to host my own server and put them there instead, and finally did that. I set up a shiny server on DigitalOcean (Ubuntu 22.04), and my apps are now hosted there, and everything with that part works fine. However, I wanted to also move the website from to my new shiny server, as it has multiple explainers/tutorials on how to use the apps, as well as a navbar and sidebar that the shiny apps don't. I tried to simply copy/paste the entire contents of the website project into svr/shiny-server and replace the default index.html page with the index.qmd page from the quarto website project. The index part works. It reads everything in the index file, but it's not reading the _quarto.yml file at all, so the navbar and sidebar are gone. You can see that here.

How do I properly port over my quarto website into my new shiny server so that it has the navigational options that my site does? ?

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