Rtools are not implimented after installing

Hi there! So great a community like this exists!

I'll make it short, please no hate but...

I've tried many attempts for installing R; Rtools and RStudio - in that order as administrator. (Tried spearate folders, same folders etc.) Installing was no problem, but after starting RStudio, when I want to install different packages, I always recieve the same message:

I read, that microsoft do not support R anymore. But I wonder, what I can do now instead?
The install should be the same, shouldn't it?

Path and stuff should be found automatically...

Again, don't want to waste your precious time, but your help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

This maY hElp.

Rtools installation on a Windows 10/11 or a WURclient computer | Maikel P.H. Verouden, Ph.D..

Will use it immediatly. Thank you so much!

Ok, it didn't work. this is just the basic installment.

So the Error keeps occuring. beeing just in R. 4.3.1 it shows, rtools is correctly installed. but in r Studio i always get the same reoccuring message....

Do you have multiple versions of R installed? RStudio appears to be using 4.0.2 while the standalone version is 4.3.1. Which version of rtools is installed? I have no experience with multiple R versions (not easy on macOS), so my comments may not make sense. Feel free to ignore.

I'm grateful for anyone, offering his /her time...

Actually, I tried to remove all these folders, and uninstall all files before a new attempt.

So is there a way to manually connect / link Rstudio with the "right" R or Rtools-Version?

This explains choose one of the installed versions of R:

I am not sure if you can have multiple versions of Rtools.

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I don't know how it ended up being your default repository, but mran doesn't exist anymore.

Change your repository, for example try with:

install.packages("dplyr", repos = "cran.rstudio.com")

As described here, you can set the default repository by adding this in your .Rprofile:

options(repos = c(CRAN = "http://cran.rstudio.com"))

(or use any of the other mirrors).

Oh Changing the repos and using another mirror made defninitly a difference!
the packages are now installing...more or less successfully. at least downloading. But now there are new error messags. Oh, and yes, Rtools ist still missing. Changing Rstudio versions wasn't available.

But I feel, we are getting closer! :slight_smile:

scrolling down...

And the full phaes for trying to install ggplot2

Oh, and after the library "dplyr" will be shown in the right side, it still gives me this message, unable to use the functions:

Someone told me, I sould remove MRAN first, because RStudio tries to combine RTools with MRAN, instrad of CRAN.

But HOW? - I mean, I uninstalled R, Rstudio and RTools completly an removed the Folders....
Still, after reinstalling it always jumps to MRAN...

Basically how to uninstall it completly?

Just for the record my download sourcs:

R.4.3.1: Download R-4.3.1 for Windows. The R-project for statistical computing.
RTools: Rtools43 for Windows
Rstudio: https://posit.co/download/rstudio-desktop/

So what can I do?

As always....thank you for your time!

In your "error2" screenshot, you still appear to have "Microsoft R Open 4.0.2", where you should have "R version 4.3.1". So I think you might have installed the latest R, but are still opening this older version.

When starting RStudio, keep the "Ctrl" key pressed, you should get a window popping up offering to choose select the installed version of R. Make sure you use the latest, the path should be something like "C:\Program Files\R\R-4.3.1\bin\R.exe"

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Ok you just saved the day!

You were right, M R Open 4.0.2. was still installed on my PC. I didn't realize I was having it, cause the last time I Used R, was many months ago for just a quick peek...

I just uninstalled it and after reinstalling the "normal" R, Rtools and Rstudio it now works just fine! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Alexis! - Now I can finally begin writing my paper.

What a nice community. I'll come back for maybe one or more stupid questions on the way... :slight_smile:

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