Rtools 4.0, Rstudio and R 4.0.0

So far I did not have any problems with installing Rtools (3.5) but after I have installed Rtools 4.0 looks like Rstudio can't find it. I use win10x64, and Rstudio daily 1.4. 301, Rx64 4.0.0.
I put everything in Path (and wrote this to .Renviron):

con = "~/.Renviron") 

and still not working. Next command gives me this:


but this:

pkgbuild::check_build_tools(debug = TRUE)

looping constantly showing this screen:

so Rtools are installed but Rstudio can't see them somehow and wants install it again.
Any ideas please ?

What command should I use to check which Rtools version do I use ?

I had a similar problem yesterday. I solved it by making sure Rtools was downloaded in the default location (directly in C:) and using devtools::find_rtools(). If that doesn't work, I have no clue how to help.

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