rticles::elsevier_article: two-column layout

I am using rticles::elsevier_article. How could I render document with two-column layout?
https://www.ctan.org/pkg/els-cas-templates/ mentions about two classes : one-column and two-column layouts.

I believe this templates are not yet included inside rticles. The current elsevier_article only support the elsevier class. Not the other class you linked to.

You would need to use the template providing at your link (or as mentioned in the doc here: https://www.elsevier.com/authors/author-schemas/latex-instructions, and here: Elsarticle - CAS - STMDocs) either without rticles, or by transforming the TeX template they provide as a Pandoc template to be used with Rmarkdown.


and the exemples PR for other format, including Elsevier template

Hope it helps.

Thank for your response.

Beginner here. Please give me some guidance. I would like to use the template without using rticles. After downloading the template, what should be my next step(s)?

Then I think you’ll need to look at elsevier documentation about the template and how to use latex directly on Tex file.

Have you already look at that?

I downloaded the els-cas-templates.zip file from the link I posted earlier. There are two .tex files for templates: cas-dc-template.tex and cas-sc-template.tex. Both run fine in https://www.overleaf.com/.

I just need to know how I could exploit them in RStudio -- in particular, the cas-dc-template.tex file for double column.

In rstudio I believe you can open a latex document like the one you mentioned, modified it and render it or pdf. But you need to have latex all set up.

You cannot easily use a template like this with Rmarkdown, without modifying it first so that the Rmarkdown content would be inserted into the template automatically. It needs to be template

Also Can you open an issue in rticles GitHub repo to ask for those templates to be added in elservier_article? Maybe someone will be interesting to help with that for future usage. Thank you

Thank you for your feedback. Hope someday this template would be available via rticiles.

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