Rstudiocloud crashing

Hi folks,

I'm running an analysis using the "oecosimu" function in the vegan package and I keep getting the "The previous R session was abnormally terminated due to an unexpected crash" error.

I am running this in a for loop on subsets of a data set. My pc is able to get through the first 14 iterations of the loop, but Rstudiocloud is crashing on the first iteration, so I don't think it is a memory issue, or a code/data problem.

I am also having the same trouble with the "beta.pair" function in the betapart library

Thanks for any help or suggestions


Offhand it does sound like you are hitting the memory limit in a cloud project (currently it is limited to 1GB - which would likely be smaller then your local computer). If you can send me the url to the project that you're having these issue with I can confirm from our logging that you are running into the memory limit.


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