RStudio x Baseball Data

Hi everyone,

I was recently tasked with using baseball data with RStudio, however I am still a novice.

I was told to pretend that I work in the front office of a baseball team of my choice (a US Major League Baseball team). The season is over, and Team X needs to make decisions about what the bullpen will look like next year.

I'm tasked with making recommendations about which pitchers to keep in the primary rotation and who to trade or send back to the minor leagues.

Additionally, I have to

A) Assume that only observable, measurable features of objective pitcher performance or performance outcomes matter (i.e., those features that are visible to me in the Statcast data).

B) My conclusions must be supported by specific hypotheses and statistical models fitted to your data. Conclusions should be presented in a clear, readily interpretable format.

C) You must use at least one regression model of a type that is appropriate to your question and your data.

My question is, how would you guys go about setting this up?

Hi, there are plenty of examples online (sports ones and even baseball ones) that you could look at, then alter to get what you want. Have a bit of a look.

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