Rstudio workbench auth using SAML SSO


Need some clarification on SAML SSO support from containerized workbench. Following this link to containerize workbench:

link suggests SSSD auth to AD. Cam across this link for workbench for SAML SS authentication:

Are there issues that I need to be mindful, while trying to incorporate SAML SSO with workbench instead of SSSD?


Hi @naira,

sssd and SSO aren't an either/or in RStudio Workbench, it's a both - and.

RStudio Workbench requires that users exist on the underlying Linux host. In a containerized environment that usually means you'll use sssd to provision users in the container and mount in a persistent volume with home directories. It's also possible to create the users in some other way if you'd prefer not to use sssd.

Configuring SAMLis an additional (optional) configuration to enable an SSO experience for users, but it doesn't affect the user provisioning needs.

More on this here: Authentication in RStudio Pro Products - RStudio :: Solutions

Please feel free to reach out to your RStudio Customer Success rep if you'd like to have a live discussion with an engineer about the options here.

@alexkgold thanks, will look in the link provided. Can you elaborate on options available to create a local identity for a SAML/SSO authenticated user? Since each user session gets its own pod, I guess we dont have to worry about UID needs to be same on all workbench session pods.
We're trying to get support from RStudio engineers, but it is delayed, this forum helps keep the project move forward. Appreciate the support.


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