RStudio Workbench and Open Source Edition installed on the same machine

Is it possible to install and use RStudio Workbench and RStudio Server Open Source Edition on the same machine (server)?

For example, we have 10 users in a team. Five of them will be using RStudio Workbench. Other five will be using the Open Source Edition. Both versions of the RStudio should be installed on the same machine. Is it possible?

In general this is not possible. Many of the process names overlap between RStudio Open Source and RStudio Workbench, and the default ports are the same.

You may be able to run each product in a docker container on the same server, but you would have to be careful about how user home directories are shared. Both RStudio Open Source and RStudio Workbench save server state inside the user home directories, and you could run into conflicts.

Strictly speaking it may be possible, but it definitely is not recommended.

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