rStudio won't open (on my new Windows 10 HP Elitebook laptop)

Hi there, my first post on this community so greatly appreciate any help.

I have just been upgraded to Windows 10 on my company laptop and I have installed R (64-bit 3.5.0) and rStudio desktop (latest version, installed a couple of days ago). Unfortunately rStudio just will not open (click the launch icon and nothing happens).

I have looked through and not had any luck yet. My findings as follows:

  1. Check for Startup Files = there are no .Rprofile, .Renviron, and .RData files there.
  2. RStudio cannot find R = see question below.
  3. Check firewall and proxy settings = I understand from my IT colleagues that we don't have any blocks like this.
  4. Reset RStudio's state = this didn't make any difference. The folder just recreated itself. I also checked the log file (this is blank).
  5. Using Macports R = n/a.

Thus, I had two questions:
---> re. 2.: when I hold ctrl on opening rStudio, still nothing happens. Is there possibly another way to set the search path for RStudio? Or a different keyboard shortcut in Windows 10? Also, just to note this is the message I get in R (I guess the tilde aren't a problem?


---> do you have any other ideas?

Really appreciate any ideas and assistance. Naturally, I'm very keen to get up and running again! :slight_smile:

CAUSE: There appears to be a conflict between rStudio and the so-called 'Wacom ISD Service' on my laptop [which I believe is to do with the tablet/touchscreen functionality].
FIX: In Windows, go to >> Computer Management >> Services & Applications >> Services, disable 'Wacom ISD Service' [set 'startup type' to 'manual'].

Hi, I am having the same issue in my Elitebook too. However, 'Wacom ISD service' is not there. Can you guide me how did you figure out the problem was with this service? Thanks!