RStudio Won't Let me Create R Notebook

Hello, I redownloaded R and RStudio Desktop so I could start working on Data Analysis and for some reason it isn't letting me open an R Notebook. It says I need the jsonlite package but everytime I try to install the package it says non-zero exit. I tried reinstalling RStudio and it still won't work. I have a Mac so I don't know if that is part of the problem.

Have you tried No when asked "Do you want to install from sources the packages which need compilation? " You will not be able to install packages from source until Apple's CommandLineTools are installed.

Oh I guess I didn't try saying No, I thought it would need it which is why I kept saying yes to the command. What are Apple's CommandLineTools?

Oh saying no worked! Thank you so much!

A web search for "apple command line tools" will give you lots of information, but it includes the tools required to compile most source code. If the source also includes Fortran code, you will need to install the appropriate Fortran compiler.

If you say no, an older compiled binary version will be installed. The differences are usually minor. If you wait a day or two, a compiled binary for the most recent version should appear on CRAN.

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