RStudio won't launch on Windows 10

I have been using reticulate in R version 4.2.1 on my WIndows10 and probably messed up my environmental variables as I was trying to get venv working within my RStudio. Now RStudio won't launch. R launches fine, but RStudio asks me to select my version of R, and when I do so (whether I press Desktop or Software). I reinstalled RStudio and R to no avail. I checked the paths in the environment, and they lead to I deleted RData, Rhistory and other new files in my repository, but the situation stays the same and is global - my other .rproj files won't open RStudio. I just get the same "Select R version" and "An error occurred while attempting to load the selected version of R"
Can reticulate and venv really mess up RStudio so much that it stop launching?
Even if I browse to R executable via the dialog at the bottom left, I get the same error.

Is there any help, please?

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