Rstudio with R sequence using App-V 5.1

Hi, I'm trying to virtualise Rstudio IDE along with R compiler using Microsoft app-v 5.1. It virtualises fine, and runs fine in fb0. However from the client I get: Rsession.exe Rgraphapp.dll and R.dll cannot be found

I tried various tricks to get it working:

  • Running sequencer with -EnablePVAD and installing RSTudio and R outside the PVAD
  • Tried registering both dlls with 32bit & 64 bit dll's (fail)
  • tried moving both dll's to rsession.exe folder
  • tried removing %LOCALAPPDATA\RStudio Desktop folder

Neither of the above worked and from the client end I'm getting a consistent message of Rsession.exe Rgraphapp.dll and R.dll cannot be found. Any advice appreciated.

Im using RStudio IDE v1.1.456
R 3.4.4