RStudio will not open on MacOS Monterey M1 MacBook Pro

I have seen some similar posts from people experiencing the same issue, but there has been no solution as of yet. I downloaded RStudio, installed it, and upon trying to open the app, received an error message saying RStudio crashed (before it ever opened...) I tried to create a symlink (as was suggested in another post), and tried to run some suggested commands at the terminal, but to no avail.

I really hope that someone can help me with this issue, and I would be extremely grateful if someone has solved the problem and is using RStudio with MacOS Monterey on an M1 chip MacBook!

I have an unopened M1 (don't ask). I'll finally set it up and try and post back. If I miss the window and you still need help, DM.

I figured it out!
I created a new environment in anaconda navigator (rather than using the base environment) and RStudio opened from there. Easier fix than I thought.

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Anaconda is a great package manager for Python, but it hijacks $PATH, so the base environment may run up against missing dependencies or dependencies that throw problems. I've seen reports of people who are happy using Anaconda to install R packages, but mostly problems.

It is indeed giving me problems... If you have a different solution I would love it if you could share it with me!

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