RStudio Webinar Topics - Your Ideas for 2018

What are Rstudio Webinars?

RStudio has a weekly webinar series, live streamed videos covering packages, open source and enterprise products, often involving guest presenters. All material is free and eventually makes its way to our YouTube channel.

We typically hold webinars on Wednesdays at 11 am EST, but have had several requests to make it easier on the West coast attendees, therefore, we are opening it up to 1 pm EST as well.

For example:

Your Ideas?

Folks are schedulings the 2018 webinar series now. We are curious about your ideas for topics and guests.

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I think a webinar about Rcpp could be cool.

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  1. Overview plans for upcoming developments in 2018: packages and IDE.

  2. Guest slots from industry: experience in using the various products, integrating them into company infrastructure, adoption challenges, etc.