RStudio Webinar Availability

I'm having trouble getting to the recorded versions of recent webinars. The 8/22 seminar on python and R is still listed as upcoming.

I can't find the one on shiny done by Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel. I know I watched it before, but now I can't find it.

Hmm, I can’t reproduce this. What URL are you accessing where you see (for instance) the Python webinar listed as upcoming?

These are both watchable for me:

(Assuming that’s the shiny webinar you’re thinking of)

I googled for “studio webinar” and got to

It’s strange that your link does get me to the recorded webinars I was looking for.

Aha, interesting — yes, I see the same outdated listing at that URL, too. Looks like the site got reorganized but some links aren’t redirecting correctly. Navigating from, if I go to Resources > Webinars & Videos, I wind up at which is up to date.

Thanks, I was pretty sure something like this had happened but didn’t know how to get to the right place.