Rstudio view panel flickers when playing animation

The animations in the view panel glitches by flickering. This is a persistent behavior after reinstalling RStudio Desktop. Have tried to adjust different setting for the rendering engine from Preference > General > Advanced, but the flicker happens every time there is an animation. This behavior is unrelated to the dataset or code used. I am running the latest rstudio 1.4.1106 on MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3. How do I make the animation without glitch. Here is a visual of the glitch in the view panel.

I went back from gifski to 0.8.6 and the green glitches disappeared. I am running MacOS 11.2.3 on two computers and the same fix worked on both.

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Thank you so much! Downgrading gifski from to 0.8.6 solved the flickering glitch in the viewer pane.

An update is now on CRAN that fixes this issue. The version number for the R package now matches the latest version of gifski itself (a Rust Cargo crate, which must mean that it is written in Rust), or 1.4.3. Seems good so far!

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Thank you for this information. I verify that the latest version 1.4.3 which I installed from sources needing compilation, is working great. Thank you. Now I need not rethink before running that update.packages() command anymore to keep all my packages up to date. Thank you.

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