RStudio version (2022.12.0+353 | Released: 2022-12-15) should not stay released for download until the serious issues are fixed!!

This is a message addressed to the developers of RStudio. I see that there are many comments and feedbacks from the users with numerous fundamental issues with new RStudio IDE. Specially I experienced as well the scripts that are written are deleted and blank script files replace their place. This cost me hours of work that was lost. In addition the IDE also crashes from time to time and need total restart.

This version should not be released, now that the developers know about these serious issues, they should be retracting the release until the substantial (and very potential damaging defects) are fixed.
Kind regards

I may well be missing something here, but isn't 1.1.463 five years old?

Thanks, I corrected the version number

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