Rstudio version 1.0.0?

Hi folks,

I know basically nothing about coding and programming, and I'm trying to learn R. I've bought a textbook on the subject, and I've downloaded R and Rstudio and the Tidyverse packages, but the textbook recommends that I work with Rstudio version 1.0.0 while doing its exercises. Naturally, this isn't the most up-to-date version of the software, and Rstudio's webpage offering older versions of Rstudio doesn't seem to have 1.0.0. Does anyone know where I can find this version of Rstudio?

RStudio v1, is 4 years old now ...
you'll probably be fine working your textbook, etc, features have tended to be added rather than taken away. Anything of value will have stood the test of time.
You can also get modern free textbooks to study from online.



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