RStudio v1.2.830 changes != into =/=

Is there any possibility to force RStudio (v1.2.830) to use != but =/=. I think that changes in the newest RStudio is very bad idea.

I’m not aware of this change.

Note that an upgrade of RStudio wouldn’t change this anyway, (faq: Differentiating R from RStudio)

Could you offer a reprex of this issue?

It's probably just how new Rstudio version support ligatures. Search for a "ligature" option in settings, or select a different font (that does not support ligatures)

Its just a display issue, it doesnt change the actual code


No such option (ligatures). For experienced people it doesn't matter but when you teach someone who starts learning R it does. We do not really need such fancy stuff.

This is really happening at the font level (as @hoelk mentioned) — RStudio is just doing a better job of rendering the fonts (or really, the new Chromium-based rendering engine is allowing support for the ligatures that were in the fonts all along).

These "programming ligatures" are definitely a matter of taste (here's Fira Code's case in favor) — some people like them so much that they hack them into fonts that don't support them natively!

While I agree they might be confusing for a brand new person, I don't think that a fresh RStudio installation uses a font with programming ligatures (happy to be corrected on that — I don't have a fresh install of RStudio handy!), and I suspect most brand new people are going to use the default font (or something super common like Consolas, which does not have programming ligatures).


@jcblum: I'm happy to hear that a default font does not support prog. ligatures. I use Fira Code that's why I see that. I love Fira fonts and probably I will get used to it but now I do not like it. I would have turned it off if it had been possible. As usually it's a matter of taste. Anyway thanks for explanations.

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You can remove the ligatures from your installation of Fira Code if you never want them. Personally, this is one of the reasons that I always teach with the default fonts, or at least without a ligature font.

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