RStudio v1.2.637-1 Preview crashes when resizing window

I just installed RStudio v1.2.637-1 Preview release on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver, which means I am still running R 3.44) When I try and resize the window, RStudio crashes silently. It adds the following event in the R.session.log:

21 May 2018 16:29:11 [rsession-michael] ERROR Parent terminated; LOGGED FROM: void {anonymous}::detectParentTermination() /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/IDE/open-source-pipeline/master/src/cpp/session/SessionMain.cpp:1266

Thought I would pass it on.

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That's just the message from R when it notices the crash. I wasn't able to reproduce this w/ 1.2.637 on Ubuntu 18.04 -- maybe something more specific is going on (video driver/GPU acceleration?)

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That's possible. I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX750 Ti card. Currently I'm using the Nouveau driver, but I will try and switch the Nvidia's 390 package and see if that sorts it. Thanks for looking into this.

Well, at least initially, it seems happier. Hasn't crashed on several zooming/resizing adjustments after switching to Nvidia's proprietary drivers.


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I was experiencing (on Ubuntu 18.04) a similar behavior with RStudio Desktop 1.2. pre-releases and now with the official 1.2.1335 release. I can confirm the issues are solved by switching from the Nouveau to the NVIDIA driver, as also mentioned as discussed in