RStudio v1.2.1335 incompatible with eGPU attached to a Mac

Error Information: Blank window upon Rstudio launch; no input accepted - Hang

Description of issue - After downloading the latest version of R & RStudio, R opened and performed correctly. However, when RStudio was started, a blank screen appeared and no input was accepted. I had to Force-Quit RStudio to close it.

Attempted steps taken to fix - Fixed!! After much exploration, I discovered the problem resolution. The attached eGPU (Sonnet 350 Breakaway Box + RX580 attached to 2016 15" MacBook Pro) was ejected using the icon in the taskbar. Rstudio was launched again and it appeared normally and continued to function correctly. This was repeated several times with the blank screen appearing when the eGPU was attached and the ejection (or shutdown & disconnecting the eGPU) allowed RStudio to function correctly thereafter.

So far this is the only app that I have which is incompatible with the eGPU, so I think it is a bug in Rstudio.

System Information:

  • RStudio Edition: (Desktop or Server): Desktop
  • RStudio Version: 1.2.1335
  • OS Version: MacOS 10.14.6
  • R Version: R 3.6.1 GUI 1.70 El Capitan build
  • Output your diagnostics report (if possible): No diagnostics generated...

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