Rstudio v 1.2.5042 issues with terminal

R version 4.0.0 (2020-04-24)
Platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32/x64 (64-bit)
Running under: Windows 10 x64 (build 18363)

Matrix products: default

[1] LC_COLLATE=English_United States.1252
[2] LC_CTYPE=English_United States.1252
[3] LC_MONETARY=English_United States.1252
[5] LC_TIME=English_United States.1252

I recently updated to R 4.0 and Rstudio 1.2.5042. When I use the terminal to interact with git hitting tab no longer automatically fills in paths. It now gives me this long message every time I hit tab.

Usage: awk [POSIX or GNU style options] -f progfile [--] file ...
Usage: awk [POSIX or GNU style options] [--] 'program' file ...
POSIX options: GNU long options: (standard)
-f progfile --file=progfile
-F fs --field-separator=fs
-v var=val --assign=var=val
Short options: GNU long options: (extensions)
-b --characters-as-bytes
-c --traditional
-C --copyright
-d[file] --dump-variables[=file]
-D[file] --debug[=file]
-e 'program-text' --source='program-text'
-E file --exec=file
-g --gen-pot
-h --help
-i includefile --include=includefile
-l library --load=library
-L[fatal|invalid|no-ext] --lint[=fatal|invalid|no-ext]
-M --bignum
-N --use-lc-numeric
-n --non-decimal-data
-o[file] --pretty-print[=file]
-O --optimize
-p[file] --profile[=file]
-P --posix
-r --re-interval
-s --no-optimize
-S --sandbox
-t --lint-old
-V --version

To report bugs, see node Bugs' in'
which is section `Reporting Problems and Bugs' in the
printed version. This same information may be found at
PLEASE do NOT try to report bugs by posting in comp.lang.awk,
or by using a web forum such as Stack Overflow.

gawk is a pattern scanning and processing language.
By default it reads standard input and writes standard output.

awk '{ sum += $1 }; END { print sum }' file
awk -F: '{ print $1 }' /etc/passwd
fatal: pathspec '' did not match any files

Check RStudio Issues on Github to see if a similar problem is already known. If not: report it there.
Technical support of RStudio will surely respond to it.

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